Gillian Stippa

Steve's Clothing reminds us that in the not-too-distant past, we had clothing that was both lovely to behold and made to last well beyond one season. We think others will appreciate this difference too.



The Right Price


 The rise of fast fashion has given us quantity while fundamentally changing our quality and pricing standards for clothing. Many of today's manufacturers sacrifice quality in order to maximize margins and meet our expectation for inexpensive threads. On the other hand, the cost of higher-quality clothes can cause sticker shock and oftentimes vintage clothing can be pricey because of its one-of-a-kind nature. Steve's tries to navigate between the extremes of cheap and couture.


One Piece | Two Sizes


While we understand that pieces are usually made with a male or female form in mind, we suspect that the menswear/womenswear split can be annoying, if not limiting. Thus, the default categorization for Steve's clothing is unisex and on our items we provide sizing guidelines for male and female forms in addition to actual measurements.


Coxsackie, NY



By Appointment

F : 2-7

S: 11-7

S: 11-6